About Joanne Reid

I’m fussy about good writing. That’s why I like to promote only the very best PLR I can find from the winner’s circle of PLR providers.

I’ve been writing for years and have been putting together some Kindle books.  And I have an alter ego who also writes Kindle stories.

When I say I have been writing for years, I mean, years. I’m a great-grandmother.

I used to write PLR but I discovered that I had a knack for research that could be put to better use in delivering the latest and greatest web content to you. For one thing, I can only write so much in a day but when I connect with my top ten PLR providers, I can bring you 10 times as much great content in the same amount of time. Sit back and have a cuppa and take a peek at some of the finest PLR you can find.

I like to focus on is PLR that can be used in self improvement, stress relief, happiness, and living well niches. However, I have a long history in the computer world and like to explore technical things and I have a fascination with fiction writing so sometimes these things show up here too.

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