New Season, New Approach

This always happens to me — well not always, but from time to time, maybe 98% of the time. I start off with a notion and I don’t have a plan. At least not a well thought out plan.

I got caught up in the amazing PLR providers out there and wanted to recommend them all. That got overwhelming because I am at heart a technical person with a quest for order and tranquility.

On the first day of fall, which also coincides with my youngest child’s birthday, I came up with the notion to write my own bundle of PLR on minimalism.  It’s been a month of self-discovery, let me tell you.

I started working on this PLR pack and began to debate the various ways I could prepare it. I could just write a bunch of articles, an ebook, a workbook, and a couple of reports.

I could do a series of memes, a dozen mp3s, a dozen videos with a transcript, and — well, that was the problem right there. I got caught in the possibilities.

My research skills are strong. So are my writing skills. For years, I custom wrote articles for businesses. My favorite review was from a man who operated an window business. Here’s a screenshot of that review from 2012. I was writing Web Content Studio (WCS) themed articles. (I still do.)

The screenshot of the web page below explains what WCS is — very briefly. I had to get it from the Wayback Machine because I discontinued my atechnicalwriter page which I started in 2004.

I still have one client I write WCS articles for as I have turned to providing PLR web content.


My PLR pack is about minimalism and on the weekend I will be posting the details. It is well researched and a very hot topic.

Watch this space for more information!

Cheers, Joanne

Breaking on Through Your Fears and Limitations. SPECIAL Offer ends June 8.

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This is an amazing bundle that begins with these fresh new PLR articles. She says:

“One thing I know is that fear – more than lack of start up funds or insufficient knowledge – is the primary reason most people can’t succeed. “

Her solution is this bundle. Continue reading Breaking on Through Your Fears and Limitations. SPECIAL Offer ends June 8.

320,000 Words of Premium PLR

Premium (and extremely high-quality) PLR (private label rights)! That’s what this is. Create order out of chaos with an extremely useful series of time-tested and high quality PLR.

This is a gigantic package of PLR that applies to just about any site you have and any niche you have. It’s all about internet marketing and the information provides what you need to know — and what your clients and buyers need to know about coaching and creating and selling online.

Check it out here.


Personal Development PLR

Gordon Bryan’s Personal Development PLR Pack with Images

Here are the 10 articles:

  • – Don’t Pass The Buck, Govern Yourself! (1014 words)
  • – We Create Our Future Everyday… (991 words)
  • – Rest And Relaxation Are Not Luxuries… (786 words)
  • – If You Hear A Voice Within You That Says You Cannot… (1018 words)
  • – We All Have Capabilities. Believe In Yours. (956 words)
  • – Educating Myself Was A Big Mistake. Said No-One Ever. (912 words)
  • – You Could Try To Walk On Water, Or… (628 words)
  • – Thinking That Tomorrow Will Be Different Won’t Make It So. (743 words)
  • – Some People Will Inspire You. Some People Will Irritate You. (1216 words)
  • – A Staggering Abundance Of Opportunity Is Around You If You Are Reading This 795 words)

Continue reading Personal Development PLR

Writing Product Reviews Like a Pro

One of my main gurus Andy Williams has this great article on writing product reviews, Finding LSI Theme Words & Phrases Helps You Write Better Product Reviews.

I use his Web Content Studio software for writing themed articles and take his courses on Udemy. I thought it was worth mentioning this article here as product reviews can really pull in cash.

The software is not cheap — this is not an affiliate link — and it does have a learning curve but it does a great job of writing articles and reviews that the search engines like.

Courses (on Sale) to Make You a JVZoo Genius Marketer

Udemy Courses on Using
JVZoo like a Pro

I’m a big fan of Udemy and they are having some great sales on professional courses on using JVZoo. Take a peek at these specialized courses that are on sale.

JVZoo Digital Product Business Launch
Udemy YouTube Affiliate Marketing Using YouTube Videos – Jvzoo
Use JvZoo To Set Up Product Sales
High-Converting Funnel Design for JVZoo Product Launches
JVZoo Mastery: Using PLR Content to Create Passive Income on JVZoo

Profit with PLR Businesses in Boxes Cheatsheet!

Profit with PLR Businesses in Boxes Cheatsheet! is a fabulous product and it is only $3.77. This is a one page document that allows you to customize your biz in a box PLR so you stand out from the crowd.

No kidding.

  • The Best Free editing tools you can use
  • Where to go to find FREE Microsoft Word Templates
  • Where to go to find FREE Google Docs Templates
  • Where to go to find FREE Open Office Templates
  • Where to go to find FREE LibreOffice Templates
  • Where to go to find FREE Apple iWork Templates
  • Where to go to uncover FREE Stock Images
  • The 5 simple steps you can use to take PLR content into a Fresh NEW format!

Take a look. Profit with PLR Businesses in Boxes Cheatsheet! is one of Barb Ling’s amazing one-stop guides that will transform your business.

Journaling: The Benefits

Leather Journal Travel Diary with Bamboo Style Pen - Artisan Grade - Handmade Leather Journal by Case EleganceHere’s a great set of PLR articles that can be used to promote journals and writing utensils, art supplies, and even fitness trackers and water bottles.

The image here is from Amazon — just one example of the type of product you can include in your niche to accompany these articles.

For less than $6, you get these five articles that can be used to show your readers the benefits of journaling, including how it helps with emotional health and physical health. The articles discuss different forms of journaling and tips for doing it each day.

The articles:

  • Journaling For Mental Health (429 words)
  • Journaling For Physical Health (423 words)
  • Different Methods of Journaling (415 words)
  • Why Everyone Should Have a Journal (443 words)
  • Motivate Yourself to Journal Daily (411 words)

Read more about it here