Bitcoin PLR on Sale – Catch the Wave

BitcoinCheck out Become a Bitcoin Virtuoso. It’s been one of the most interesting pieces of research I have been involved in this year.

Bitcoin is huge.  It is also limited. The original plan foresaw the limit of 21 millions bitcoins being reached in the year 2140.  Turns out that nearly 80% of the 21 million bitcoins have already been mined.

Bitcoin in the Popular Media

The Big Bang Theory storyline about bitcoin has received some feedback and here’s an article that points out some things the show got wrong.  Here’s everything ‘The Big Bang Theory’ got wrong about Bitcoin.

This is a good opportunity to get fresh articles on a hot topic.

Do You Know Where Your Wallet Is?

Your bitcoin wallet is where you store your bitcoin. You can have several. An online wallet at an exchange makes it easy to buy and sell bitcoin. You might want one on your computer or smart phone for easy transactions.

Check out the articles. Become a Bitcoin Virtuoso.