Breaking on Through Your Fears and Limitations. SPECIAL Offer ends June 8.

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This is an amazing bundle that begins with these fresh new PLR articles. She says:

“One thing I know is that fear – more than lack of start up funds or insufficient knowledge – is the primary reason most people can’t succeed. “

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320,000 Words of Premium PLR

Premium (and extremely high-quality) PLR (private label rights)! That’s what this is. Create order out of chaos with an extremely useful series of time-tested and high quality PLR.

This is a gigantic package of PLR that applies to just about any site you have and any niche you have. It’s all about internet marketing and the information provides what you need to know — and what your clients and buyers need to know about coaching and creating and selling online.

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Journaling: The Benefits

Leather Journal Travel Diary with Bamboo Style Pen - Artisan Grade - Handmade Leather Journal by Case EleganceHere’s a great set of PLR articles that can be used to promote journals and writing utensils, art supplies, and even fitness trackers and water bottles.

The image here is from Amazon — just one example of the type of product you can include in your niche to accompany these articles.

For less than $6, you get these five articles that can be used to show your readers the benefits of journaling, including how it helps with emotional health and physical health. The articles discuss different forms of journaling and tips for doing it each day.

The articles:

  • Journaling For Mental Health (429 words)
  • Journaling For Physical Health (423 words)
  • Different Methods of Journaling (415 words)
  • Why Everyone Should Have a Journal (443 words)
  • Motivate Yourself to Journal Daily (411 words)

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