How to Monetize Forgotten PLR Gathering Dust on your hard drive

Buying PLR is one thing. Using it to its best advantage is another thing entirely.

It’s great because it is the easiest and fastest way of gathering “done for you” content and the price is right!

The problem is many of us leave it sitting around gathering digital dust. Garry Sayer has a great training course that is well worth the price. He takes you by the hand and shows you how to quickly generate revenue from PLR content.

Garry Sayer’s brand new product “PLR Profits Mastery” has a special introductory pricing.

About the Course

PLR Profits Mastery is an excellent course including five training manuals (a whopping 217 pages of meaty content), process maps, accessory checklists and supplemental reports.

This course will also make you feel good about every PLR purchase you’ve made… even the junky ones (we’ve all purchased them right?) as Garry will show you how to polish them ’til they shine!

Here’s just a sample of what’s inside:

– How even top gun marketers are using PLR content to get “other people” to market their businesses for them – and you can too

– 27 ways to use PLR to make money for you business – many of them are often overlooked and can be setup very quickly to produce results almost overnight

(Get it here.)

– Shortcuts that successful PLR users take that will save you time and money (did you know you can use PLR content to answer “frequently asked questions” to cut your support costs and time down to virtually nothing?)

– A day-by-day schedule of action steps to get you going and then keep you growing as you profit from PLR content

FINALLY you can make those many PLR purchases worth something to you because you can put that content to work making money for you.


Mindful Minimalism – A PLR Launch

I have my latest PLR package here: Mindful Minimalism.

Articles, a report, memes, and a cheatsheet. Check it out — it’s only $9 until November 2. After that it goes up to $21. It is about eliminating the chaos from your life.

There is no time like the present to start thinking about making small changes in your life.

Small changes can lead to big changes. Just add time.




Breaking on Through Your Fears and Limitations. SPECIAL Offer ends June 8.

Click here –>>> Tiffany’s done it again!!

This is an amazing bundle that begins with these fresh new PLR articles. She says:

“One thing I know is that fear – more than lack of start up funds or insufficient knowledge – is the primary reason most people can’t succeed. “

Her solution is this bundle. Continue reading Breaking on Through Your Fears and Limitations. SPECIAL Offer ends June 8.

320,000 Words of Premium PLR

Premium (and extremely high-quality) PLR (private label rights)! That’s what this is. Create order out of chaos with an extremely useful series of time-tested and high quality PLR.

This is a gigantic package of PLR that applies to just about any site you have and any niche you have. It’s all about internet marketing and the information provides what you need to know — and what your clients and buyers need to know about coaching and creating and selling online.

Check it out here.


Personal Development PLR

Gordon Bryan’s Personal Development PLR Pack with Images

Here are the 10 articles:

  • – Don’t Pass The Buck, Govern Yourself! (1014 words)
  • – We Create Our Future Everyday… (991 words)
  • – Rest And Relaxation Are Not Luxuries… (786 words)
  • – If You Hear A Voice Within You That Says You Cannot… (1018 words)
  • – We All Have Capabilities. Believe In Yours. (956 words)
  • – Educating Myself Was A Big Mistake. Said No-One Ever. (912 words)
  • – You Could Try To Walk On Water, Or… (628 words)
  • – Thinking That Tomorrow Will Be Different Won’t Make It So. (743 words)
  • – Some People Will Inspire You. Some People Will Irritate You. (1216 words)
  • – A Staggering Abundance Of Opportunity Is Around You If You Are Reading This 795 words)

Continue reading Personal Development PLR

Profit with PLR Businesses in Boxes Cheatsheet!

Profit with PLR Businesses in Boxes Cheatsheet! is a fabulous product and it is only $3.77. This is a one page document that allows you to customize your biz in a box PLR so you stand out from the crowd.

No kidding.

  • The Best Free editing tools you can use
  • Where to go to find FREE Microsoft Word Templates
  • Where to go to find FREE Google Docs Templates
  • Where to go to find FREE Open Office Templates
  • Where to go to find FREE LibreOffice Templates
  • Where to go to find FREE Apple iWork Templates
  • Where to go to uncover FREE Stock Images
  • The 5 simple steps you can use to take PLR content into a Fresh NEW format!

Take a look. Profit with PLR Businesses in Boxes Cheatsheet! is one of Barb Ling’s amazing one-stop guides that will transform your business.

Welcome! About Good Web Content and Where to Get FREE Images

I used to write PLR but I discovered that I had a knack for research that could be put to better use in delivering the latest and greatest web content to you. For one thing, I can only write so much in a day but when I connect with my top ten PLR providers, I can bring you 10 times as much great content in the same amount of time. Sit back and have a cuppa and take a peek at some of the finest PLR you can find. Continue reading Welcome! About Good Web Content and Where to Get FREE Images